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long horn cow grazing in a field

Grass-fed and 

As it should be

Support Sustainable

Grass fed has a natural, earthy flavor that is more pronounced than grain finished. It is also naturally leaner than grain-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef is loaded with other natural minerals and vitamins, plus it's a great source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) a fat that reduces the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and a number of immune disorders.

Beef, in its natural grass-fed state, is a health food of the highest order.

Our Packages


Summer Box

Sold Out

Sirloin | 1 pkg - 2 pkg;
Kabobs | 2lbs - 4lbs;
Small Grilling Roast | 2lbs;
Ground Beef | 3lbs - 5lbs

available in small and large

Date Night Box

1.5+ lbs of gourmet steak and
Lamb chops

Family Box

Sold Out

Ground Beef | 4 lbs - 8 lbs:
Large Roast | 5 lbs:
Minute Steaks | 3lbs - 6 lbs:
Chicken | 1 - 2 whole

available in small and large

Freezer Filler

Sold Out

A box contains whole chickens and farmer's choice of cuts in our delicious beef. All cuts come individually but this box takes the work out of it for you and brings variety to your meals while stocking your freezer.

Winter Box

Sold Out

Roast | 5 lbs - 8/10 lbs
Stew Meat | 2 lbs - 4 lbs
Chicken | 1 count
Soup Bones 1 pkg

available in small and large

Lamb Box

Ground Beef | 3 lbs
Chops | 1 lb
Roast | 1 count

Our Cuts

Contact us directly to order our hand cut meats.



Sirloin | $10/lb

Sirloin Tip | $10/lb

Skirt Steak | $10/lb

New York strip | $17/lb

Rib steak | $15/lb 

Minute Steaks | $7/lb 

Round steak | $6/lb

Filet | $17/lb 

Porterhouse steak | $16/lb

T-bone steak | $15/lb

Flank | $11/lb

steak plate


Chuck roast | $6/lb

Rib roast | $13/lb

Loin tip roast | $6/lb

Rump roast | $6/lb

Eye of round | $7/lb

Arm roast | $5/lb 

Top Round roast | $6/lb


sliced roast


London Broil | $6/lb

Brisket | $8/lb

Ground | $6/lb

Stew meat | $6/lb

Soup bones | $3/

Ox Tail | $5/lb

Talo | $2/lb

Kabobs | $7/lb 


Lamb & Chicken

lamb roast


Shoulder roast | $8/lb

Shoulder roast (boneless) | $9.50

Leg of lamb | $11/lb

Leg of lamb (boneless) | $12.50

Rib roast | $15/lb     

Loin Roast | $15/lb

Shank | $5/lb   

Should Chops | $12/lb 

Leg chops | $12/lb

Rib chops | $16/lb 

Loin chops | $16/lb

Stew | $8/lb     

Kabobs | $10/lb

Ground | $8/lb

Liver, heart, kidney | $4/lb

Link sausage (4pack) | $10/pack 

roasted chicken


whole chicken | $4.75/lb

organs | $3.00/lb

feet | $3.00/ a dozen

Order Our Cuts

A Family Business

family picture at the B2B pick up shed

B2B is a small family farm. We are proud to provide grass fed and finished beef and lamb. As well as pasture roaming chicken fed with GMO-free feed. We love to educate people on the way we farm and why we believe it is so good.

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